The easiest way to use Mayan EDMS is by using the official Docker image. Make sure Docker is properly installed and working before attempting to install Mayan EDMS.

With Docker properly installed, proceed to download the Mayan EDMS image using the command:

$ docker pull mayanedms/mayanedms:2.3

After the image finishes downloading, initialize a Mayan EDMS container.

$ docker run -d --name mayan-edms --restart=always -p 80:80 \
-v mayan_data:/var/lib/mayan mayanedms/mayanedms:2.3

Point your browser to the IP address (or the alternate port chosen, ie: and use the automatically created admin account.

All files will be stored in the Docker volume mayan_data

If another web server is running on port 80 use a different port in the -p option, ie: -p 81:80.

For the complete set of installation, configuration, upgrade, and backup instructions visit the Mayan EDMS Docker Hub page at: